California gay conversion ban upheld

SAN FRANCISCO – The US Supreme Court justices have pushed aside a challenge brought against an August 2013 ruling that placed homosexual “conversion therapy” under state regulation.

It was demonstrated that these therapies, often sought as an act of desperation for fanatical religious families seeking to “fix” their child, are not within the confines of mainstream science (or rather, credible science), are consistently disavowed by legitimate medical groups and furthermore that they can be psychologically harmful.

Following the ruling, Senator Ted Lieu (who had sponsored the law) commented that “the Supreme Court has cemented shut any possible opening to allow further psychological child abuse in California…The Court’s refusal to accept the appeal of extreme ideological therapists who practice the quackery of gay conversion therapy is a victory for child welfare, science and basic humane principles.”

The specifics of the law will identify professional counselors and therapists who apply treatments intended to reduce homosexual tendencies in their patients as being engaged in conduct deemed unprofessional, and will open themselves up to potential disciplinary action by state licensing boards. The law applies only to this group of professionals. Those without therapeutic licensing will not be affected (such as pastors or lay counselors).

Since the California legislation passed last year, New Jersey has also banned the practice (becoming the second state nationwide). The laws passed in California and New Jersey are serving as models in eight other states plus the District of Columbia who are working on getting the same ban instituted. Attempts to pass the ban in five other states have already failed, with lawmakers refusing to pass the ban. The Republican Party in Texas has even gone as far as to explicitly endorse the practice, calling it legitimate (by their definition of the word).

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