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An aspiring entrepreneur sits down and asks themselves a simple question, “how can I make money with the least possible investment?”

Well someone, at some point, found a very creative way to game a system originally conceived to streamline what is typically a waking nightmare. I’m speaking of course of the California DMV. (which by the way is, against convention, using the ‘org’ gTLD for commercial purposes) sells a number of practical services for navigating the DMV.

Do you need to go to the DMV but don’t want to wait in line? They’ll pay someone to do that for you. Do you need the soonest possible appointment? They’ll pay someone (in the Philippines, according to the founder) to sit at a computer and hit refresh over and over, until someone cancels theirs and it becomes available. Submitting a passport application in-person? Yeah they’ll do that for you, too.

If I sound bitter it’s because I am, only that I didn’t think of it first.

Not everyone is on-board with the entrepreneurial spirit of the company though. State Assembly Bill 317 would fine any person which sells or offers to sell a DMV appointment. This includes when driving schools sell driving test appointments (essentially the same practice but includes a car and licensed driver tagging along).

The bill has been steadily making progress towards becoming law, having passed the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously on Monday.

You hear that YoGov?!? Your days of peddling our DMV appointments are numbered!

And for those interested in a bit of context, the next available appointment at our local DMV here in Laguna Hills? October 10. Someone’s idea of a sick joke.

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