• Best Lawyer ever for workers comp i highly recommend John

    thumb Terrance Hicks
    November 29, 2020

    When you need a voice and justice John's your man. He won't back down and never gives up. Highly recommend.

    thumb Krystie Way
    September 13, 2018
  • John Rosenbaum is an exceptional attorney. He helped me navigate my case and I was able to get the best of care. I would recommend without reservation!

    thumb F to the B
    October 29, 2020

    This man has fought so hard for me.. And i can't say thank you enough to him and his team.. They have gotten me the treatment that i needed and... read more

    thumb Tamara Willis
    August 29, 2017
The perfect attorney for me.
Attorney John Rosenbaum was the perfect attorney for me. Understands both the law & courtrooms, well respected/liked by judges, other attorneys and clients alike. I would recommend John to anyone. You will be hard pressed to find a lawyer with more character/integrity.
Brad J.
A great trial lawyer.
A great trial lawyer. The clients I have referred have always been happy with the results!
Kevin G.
I highly recommend John Rosenbaum.
I highly recommend John Rosenbaum. He went way out of his way to alleviate my concerns I had about our particular legal process. From start to finish he worked with me as a “partner” rather than simply a client.
Brian R.
An extraordinary workers comp attorney.
If you are in need of an extraordinary workers comp attorney I recommend John Rosenbaum. He’s been representing me for 5 years. Not only has he gained respect from all my medical doctors, he also has put the fear into the workers-comp attorneys. My career was gymnastics coach. I’ve had 3 knee surgery’s, a Discectomy as well as 8 screws and 2 rods put in my back. Every pain relieving procedure right down to a permanent implant we now are scheduling surgery for.

At first I received many denials for medical treatment…many denials for payments due to me. John is so good I received TTD 8 yrs after injury when I needed to have my back surgery. When it was denied he also imposed sanctions against the workers-comp attorney for putting me through it. Everything and anything you probably have gone through John has successfully had approved for me. I haven’t met anyone in physical therapy or doctors offices that has received with or without an attorney anything close to what John has done for me.

Fighting for you is an understatement. After 2 hrs in the waiting room for my QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) I called John and told him I can’t stay any longer. He Asked me to hand the phone to the people behind the desk. Not sure what the conversation was but I was able to go home. Re-booked for a week or so later. These appointments are booked 6 months in advance and you’re not supposed to miss them. On my return I was treated like royalty.

We as patients have enough physical and financial problems to deal with. The workers-comp system can work for you with the right attorney. I did try and go without an attorney. The system has gotten so complicated. Completely impossible to get any kind of quality medical unless you have a good attorney. I have the best medical team you can have. My area of expertise. Working with some of the best athletes in the world. From the Olympic’s to XGame’s.

John Rosenbaum is the one who got me the medical team I have now. Along with every dollar I was entitled to. Some of which you most likely don’t know exists.
Dawn S.
Now, I am confident my case will settle.
I am over 6 years and 2 surgeries into a very difficult case, and had given up all hope of ever getting out from under what has been the worst experience of my life. I have been to court in Riverside over 30 times, and I was actually dumb enough to think that many of those would be my last. My 4 previous attorneys combined did not accomplish what John was able to do in a few months, and I can honestly say, now, I am confident my case will settle.

John’s unselfish nature, combined with his steadfast dedication to doing the very best he can for his clients, places him at the top of the list of attorneys handling workers compensation cases. All of us injured workers are at the mercy of a very flawed system, and it became unimaginable to think how I could ever find my way out.

Having John Rosenbaum as my attorney, along with his amazing assistant Aly Wisdom, has restored my faith that honest, decent, hard working people can prevail in an otherwise horrifying system, a.k.a. workers comp here in California. There is no finer man to represent you than John Rosenbaum, it is that simple.
Bobby S.
John Rosenbaum has been a guiding light!
John Rosenbaum has been a guiding light!
Tamara B.
Mr. Rosenbaum went above and beyond the call of duty!
Mr. Rosenbaum went above and beyond the call of duty time after time after time over the 3 years that he handled my case and achieved for me everything he said he would. He truly did fight for me.
Craig S.
If it wasn’t for John my back would still be wrecked.
John was always available for me and always personally returned my calls. The whole process was seamless and then some. He’s a great guy and obviously knows his stuff. If it wasn’t for John my back would still be wrecked.
Matthew A.
I have John to thank for the glorious years ahead.
This year was crazy beyond crazy, but I’ve never been happier even when I’m crying in pain. I have John to thank for the glorious years ahead.
Janeen P.
My experience with John is that he truly cares about his clients.
I’m grateful to Mr. Rosenbaum for resolving my legal issues and putting my mind at ease during a very stressful time. John is very knowledgeable and adept in his field of law. He is highly attentive and responsive to your needs. John is honest and will tell you to the best of his ability if something can or cannot be done. My experience with John is that he truly cares about his clients and has passion for what he does.
George S.