California NRA Insurance Cease-Desist

The National Rifle Association has been issued a cease-and-desist for their selling of a liability insurance policy to gun owners in California. The order came from state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones due to the NRA not holding a license for marketing or negotiating insurance policies in the state.

The policies, referred to by some as “murder insurance”, offer coverage for bodily injury and damage to property stemming from the legal use of a firearm. These include self-defense, hunting, etc. According to a website by the broker, policies range in cost between $175 and $508 per year depending on their level of coverage.

In a statement released by their legal counsel, the NRA maintains it acted “appropriately at all times” and will cooperate and respond to legal inquiries. They stated that their insurance policies were administered by brokers and therefore it is up to the brokers and not the NRA to maintain compliance.

At the heart of the claims were e-mails sent to subscribers in which the “Carry Guard” plans were advertised. The e-mails feature NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch and the Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre.

California has historically been a leader in advocating for gun control. It’s hard to say if this is motivated to that end, or if this is truly an issue of licensing. At any rate, it seems that the NRA is sticking by their guns, and won’t be turning over so easily on this issue (even if it represents a relatively small source of income for the well-funded organization).

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