Texas A&M Gender Bias

October 29, 2017

A former Aggie student has accused A&M officials of bias against men when they allegedly violated his rights while he served on the Corps of Cadets team. The student, listed as “John Doe,” has named nine university officials along with the university as defendants. He has filed the lawsuit in federal court and requested unspecified damages.

The student was charged with sexual misconduct toward a female team member. The lawsuit centers on allegations that Doe was in the hospital for depression and that he was unable to properly defend himself during the investigation. The university gave no comment on the matter due to the pending litigation.

His attorney made a statement that he suffered from severe mental health issues and had been admitted to a facility for treatment. He continued that the university showed complete disregard for the man’s legal rights and automatically assumed that he was guilty and that he did not have a chance to defend himself.

Furthermore, the woman at the crux of the lawsuit, “Jane Doe,” was previously accused of sexual misconduct. However, she suffered no repercussions and stayed in her dorm while John Doe was evicted from campus housing during the investigation. He was also suspended and released from the Corp of Cadets. The lawsuit further claims that the relationship between the pair was consensual and initiated by Jane Doe.

John Doe was unaware of the complaint until he received legal notification to desist all contact with her. He was eventually found responsible for charges of conduct unbecoming a cadet, dating violence, sexual abuse and sexual contact. Furthermore, the university assessed 50/50 responsibility to both parties, but she was not sanctioned. The lawsuit states that the school had no rational or evidence for the charges against John Doe, especially since he was unable to defend himself.

Although continued focus on gender bias has highlighted the problem, this issue still affects men and women across the nation. If you believe that you have been the victim of gender bias, call our office for legal counsel. We can provide you with options in your case.

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