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November 23, 2016

In September 2016, a South Carolina jury ruled to give a woman more than $4.6 million after a needle pricked her outside a Target. Prior to the civil lawsuit, the woman’s attorney had submitted a settlement offer for $12,000, which was rejected by Target.

In May 2014, Carla Denise Anderson parked in a Target parking lot to shop with her daughter, who was 8 at the time. The child picked up a hypodermic needle, which Garrison swatted away. However, in her haste, the needle stuck her palm. Worried about the ramifications of the incident and possible effects, Garrison subsequently reported the injury to store personnel, who documented her concerns.

She then went to a local medical facility where she underwent testing for hepatitis and HIV. The results have since come back negative for both illnesses. However, medical professionals wrote out a prescription to counteract the possible risks of HIV. She eventually claimed that the drugs made her ill, and she was bedridden. Her husband took time away from his job to care for her.

Garrision’s lawyer indicated that his client originally wanted to resolve the matter out of court, including compensation for her medical bills and for her husband’s lost wages from work. He explained that she did not originally intend to pursue the matter in court. He added that since Target would not negotiate in a reasonable manner, they did not have a choice but to take the case to trial. He felt relieved that the jury sent the corporation such a strong message.

A representative for Target indicated that the company disagrees with the ruling and is looking into appeals and post-trial motions. She further stated that final damages are yet to be determined.

A competent personal injury attorney works hard to follow a client’s wishes, including resolving a case out of court when possible. However, some corporations believe that they are not responsible to consumers and refuse to settle a case. An experienced lawyer will then pursue every avenue to secure the highest possible award for the client. Contact our firm if you need legal representation.

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