Santa Ana 200 bed homeless shelter

Who says good work must take time? An Orange County city saw one of the quickest turnarounds to date with their conversion of an abandoned industrial building into a functioning 200-bed homeless shelter in less than one month.

The project was a collaboration between operator Mercy House, the city of Santa Ana and their nonprofit partners. It is located on Red Hill Avenue and has been named The Link.

In addition to providing temporary housing and meals, it will also offer a number of other services that are of nearly equal importance. These include but are not limited to mental health and addiction services, job seeking help, support in finding permanent housing and laundry/showering facilities.

The Link is to have a planned lifespan of approximately two years. It’s a temporary solution to a long-term homelessness problem in Orange County. In the meantime, a larger facility is being built nearby which, when complete, will be able to house even more of the homeless population.

The Link is a direct response to litigation brought forth by homeless folks and their legal advocates following the removal of their Santa Ana riverbed encampments . In fact, one of the murals inside of the shelter features Judge David O. Carter who is presiding over the two cases. He has been credited as a major contributor in enabling this shelter to be built so efficiently. Of the facility, he called it “a role model for the county.”

At 781, Santa Ana now accounts for around 70% of all beds for the homeless in the entirety of Orange County. Many argue that this number isn’t nearly enough to support the homeless population, but now with this swift construction no one can argue that progress must take time.

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