Alien Ant Farm medical malpractice

January 13, 2016

Terry Corso, one of the founding members of the band Alien Ant Farm, claims that a botched surgery brought turmoil to his life four years ago. In February 2013, the former rocker filed a lawsuit against Riverside Community Hospital of California alleging medical malpractice negligence. The lawsuit claims that hospital personnel failed to remove a piece of gauze from his abdomen during surgery.

Hospital administrators refused to comment on the case, citing the pending litigation. However, they flipped the blame onto the former star, reasoning that he did not exercise due caution after the surgery.

The 44-year-old rocker claims that health issues have taken his quality of life. He is seeking unspecified damages in the medical malpractice lawsuit, including compensation for lost earnings and legal and medical expenses.

The history of the case dates back to 2010 when he struggled with continued constipation, digestive issues, nausea and more as he suffered from intestinal pain for hours. He underwent surgery about a year later for diverticulitis. But within months, during a recording session for the band, he began feeling sick again.

In November 2012, during an emergency room visit for continued intestinal issues, an X-ray showed that the gauze was never removed from his stomach after the 2010 surgery. He underwent an emergency operation to take out the pad and a second surgery within days to heal his perforated bowel. He nearly lost his life after the second surgery and was hospitalized with a colostomy bag for three months. In addition, he had to eat via a feeding tube. In March 2013, he underwent a third operation to completely remove his colon.

Despite those efforts, a subsequent tear in his abdomen resulted in further surgery. However, doctors could not repair the perforations. He has suffered with open wounds for more than two years and continues to receive treatment at a Los Angeles medical facility. He reports that his health issues continue and have placed undue stress on his marriage, due in part to ongoing financial issues.

Botched surgeries complicate the lives of thousands of people across the nation. If you were the victim of surgical errors, you might want to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney.


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