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  • California legal representation immigrant minors

    California to Allocate $3 Million to Legal Representation for Immigrant Minors August 22, 2014 Legislation which has shown support down party lines will offer legal assistance to some of the unaccompanied minors who have been arriving to the US from Central America and Mexico. Governor Jerry Brown says that offering this money to help the […]

  • California hit-and-run Legislation

    August 8,2014 SACRAMENTO – The state Senate of California will decide whether a loophole should be closed which allows hit-and-run drivers who flee the scene of an accident to avoid prosecution. Currently, it is legally acceptable for a perpetrator who left the scene of a hit-and-run to return afterwards and work out some type of […]

  • Six State Califronia

    A billionaire and his legion of supporters has decided he knows best for California when it comes to political and economic boundaries. By using nearly $5 million of his personal finances, Tim Draper has riled up enough support to bring the six state division to ballot in 2016, allowing Californians to decide if we have […]

  • California gay conversion ban upheld

    SAN FRANCISCO – The US Supreme Court justices have pushed aside a challenge brought against an August 2013 ruling that placed homosexual “conversion therapy” under state regulation. It was demonstrated that these therapies, often sought as an act of desperation for fanatical religious families seeking to “fix” their child, are not within the confines of […]

  • California firework disposal tax

    LAGUNA HILLS – Who doesn’t love fireworks? Assemblyman Tim Donnelly certainly does. In fact he seems to love them so much, that according to him taxing their sales would be a “tax on patriotism.” In an interview with Bloombersg, Donnelly says that “when you tax something, you end up getting less of it and this is a […]

  • California legalizes Bitcoin Use

    California has legalized the use of BitCoins and other digital currencies in the state by removing certain text in California’s Corporations Code which prohibited the use of “anything but lawful money of the United States.” The move represents a growing trend among states to clarify digital currencies and their legality as use for purchasing goods. […]

  • Teacher tenure struck down in California

    LOS ANGELES – In a hugely controversial ruling (in which the full implications are still being sorted out) a judge “struck down” job protections such as tenure for public school teachers. The lawsuit was brought by nine students and ruled on by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu. The students and their […]

  • CIA has joined Twitter. We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

    The FBI has one. The NSA has one. Even the White House has one (well, two). The time has finally come for the CIA to have one. Twitter has become a platform for enormous and somewhat mysterious government institutions to connect with the people they’re charged with looking over. Of course the short 140 character messages coming […]

  • Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer

    SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento Bee reports that California rounds out the bottom three states when it comes to Workers Compensation benefits. Ironically (or not), a CNBC study conversely ranks California the 6th most expensive state to live in. The report was published last week by the Workers Compensation Research Institute and the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards Commissions. […]

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