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  • Berkeley sugar beverage tax

    November 5, 2014 Depending on how you look at it, Berkeley has either succeeded where over 24 cities and states have tried and failed, or failed where the others have succeeded. Berkeley is a suburb of San Francisco and home to one of the best-known California universities, the University of California at Berkeley. The city […]

  • California SB 1159

    October 27, 2014 The California legislature has decided it’s time to allow undocumented immigrants into professional fields which require licensing. SB 1159 is a bill which will requires the 40 licensing boards overseen by the California Department of Consumer Affairs to disregard the legal status of applicants, and is set to come into effect by […]

  • California ride sharing legal

    September 24, 2014 The taxi revolution is at hand. Smartphone applications such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, which have been under fire from traditional taxi industries around the globe, are now feeling the heat here in California as well. Earlier this month the California Public Utilities Commission contacted the three companies letting them know that […]

  • Six State Califronia

    A billionaire and his legion of supporters has decided he knows best for California when it comes to political and economic boundaries. By using nearly $5 million of his personal finances, Tim Draper has riled up enough support to bring the six state division to ballot in 2016, allowing Californians to decide if we have […]

  • California firework disposal tax

    LAGUNA HILLS – Who doesn’t love fireworks? Assemblyman Tim Donnelly certainly does. In fact he seems to love them so much, that according to him taxing their sales would be a “tax on patriotism.” In an interview with Bloombersg, Donnelly says that “when you tax something, you end up getting less of it and this is a […]

  • California legalizes Bitcoin Use

    California has legalized the use of BitCoins and other digital currencies in the state by removing certain text in California’s Corporations Code which prohibited the use of “anything but lawful money of the United States.” The move represents a growing trend among states to clarify digital currencies and their legality as use for purchasing goods. […]

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