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I am over 6 years and 2 surgeries into a very difficult case, and had given up all hope of ever getting out from under what has been the worst experience of my life. I have been to court in Riverside over 30 times, and i was actually dumb enough to think that many of those would be my last. My 4 previous attorneys combined did not accomplish what John was able to do in a few months, and I can honestly say, now, I am confident my case will settle.

John’s unselfish nature, combined with his steadfast dedication to doing the very best he can for his clients, places him at the top of the list of attorneys handling workers compensation cases. All of us injured workers are at the mercy of a very flawed system, and it became unimaginable to think how I could ever find my way out.

Having John Rosenbaum as my attorney, along with his amazing assistant Aly Wisdom, has restored my faith that honest, decent, hard working people can prevail in an otherwise horrifying system, a.k.a. workers comp here in California. There is no finer man to represent you than John Rosenbaum, it is that simple.

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